dark eye circles

In todays day and age a person needs to look good, healthy and prosperous inorder to succeed in life on a professional or a personal level. Studies have shown that in general, good looking people have a higher chance of succeeding in life and are usually happier. As a cosmetic surgeon whose speciality and obsession is beauty and good looks I am going to discuss dark eye circles in my blog today.
Dark eye circles, depending on their severity, are very unpleasent because they make the person appear illl, sick, tired, and unhealthy. A person with dark eye circles gives the impression that he /she is a looser or is an unstable, emotional, or even a psycho person who have not had normal sleep, or that they have been crying for a long time. Even worse, deep and dark eye circles can make such a person look like a junky drug addict who is craving for drugs!. This explains why people sometimes are negative to, and do not like to be around, or do not trust persons with deep dark eye circles.
Such negativity profoundly affects a persons self esteem, job, personal life and relationships, and ability to succeed and move foreward in life.
In my professional opinion and after dealing with this issue for over 20 years I feel that surface and external skin dark eye circle creams do NOT work and they are a complete waste of time and money. Even the expensive brand name creams do not work. Despite all the marketing efforts of these billion dollar cream companies these products do not work and often they may make the problem of dark eye circles even worse.
So what works?
First lets find out the pathophysiology of dark eye circles.
The most agreed uopn pathophysiological reason of dark eye circles is dilatation and chronic inflammation of the veins that drain from the under eye skin area into the veins in the nose area due to congestion and inflamation of the nasal veins.This inflamation in the nasal area could be severe enough to cause nasal clinical sumptoms or mild enough to be subclinical in nature. Veins carry deoxygenated blood which is dark bluish-purplish in color. Couple that with the extremly thin and inflammed skin and subcutaneous tissue of the lower eye lids you get dark eye circles. Also the chronic inflamation of the skin in that area and the dynamics of the facial muscles of expression, aging, environmental factors, genetics and gravity often lead to atrophy of the subcutaneous fat in certain areas and hypertrophy of that fat in other areas. These factors will also change the collagen, fibrin, elastin, hyalauronic acid and polysaccaride content in the skin leading to a “tear trough”, a groove in the skin under the eyes and the skin bags of fat around the eyes.
How to treat dark eye circles?
The treatment of dark eye circles is to stop the offending agents that cause the chronic inflamation in the first place. Often this is a complex and difficult thing to achieve considering that the causes of such inflammation are myriad and diverse and sometimes are not under our control. Environmental pollutants, dust, smog, smoking, even second hand, odors, chemicals, allergies, food intolerence, stress, nutritional and vitamine deficiencies, like vitamine B6, B12, folic acid, lack of sleep, anemia, alcohol, toxins, sun and uv exposure, oxidative stress, heredity and melanin content of skin, aging, poor diet, GI disturbances, are some of the many causative agents.
Many doctors consider dark eye circles a modern day occurence that is directly related to advanced civilization and its consequent dependence on synthetic chemicals, and pollution of the air, water, and food. So I feel a blood test to look for the causative factor is often very helpful
Next I recommend a diet rich in fresh live vegetables, fibers and colored fruits. These foods are rich in vitamines and antioxidants and that helps detoxify the body and reduce inflamation. A daily supplement of multivitamines also helps a lot. Frequent internal nasal washing and irrigation helps to mechanically clear pollutants from the nose.
The unfortunate thing is that even if a person can avoid the causative agent or agents of dark eye circles, it may take a long time for the inflammation to subside and for the dark eye circles to resolve. In that instance and to achieve instant resolution there are many excellent options that are FDA approved and that can be legally used off label.
Treatment depends on the skin type and nature and severity of the dark eye circles
I found that what often works very well is a multi filler option where diffrent filler material are injected via a very tiny needle in layers in the tear trough area. The treatment is simple, safe, fast, painless, and affordable. The results are amazing. The dark eye circles improve almost instantly and the eyes look so rejuvenated and fresh immediatly.
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Ayman Shahine, MD, FACS, FACOG, FICS


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